This song means more to the Fast and the Furious franchise than any other (2023)

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How can we not talk about family when all we have is family?

This song means more to the Fast and the Furious franchise than any other (1)

Star wars,James Bond,Spider Man- this hereThe key to almost any major franchise is its recognizable music.but for a billion dollar franchise,There doesn't seem to be any recognizable theme music. That's not to say the franchise hasn't tried.Composer Brian Taylor has always been a big part of film scores.but instead of focusing on his score,quicklyThe film features several hip-hop and R&B songs on its soundtrack, from artists such asLudacris(who plays Tej),Tyrese(playing Roman) and Pitbull and all that. Because of this rotating group of artists and fragmented music, some might argue that it isn'tStar warsorImpossible mission, Fast Saga does not have a suitable theme. butfast and furious 7Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth's "See You Again" is now more than ever the franchise's unofficial theme song, appearing both as a song and as part of some film soundtracks. "Farewell" is not onlyPaul WalkerAlso a great mix of music and lyrics that finally captures the family theme of the franchise.

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"Goodbye" is Paul Walker's swan song

This song means more to the Fast and the Furious franchise than any other (2)

Crew at the time of Paul Walker's death in 2013fast and furious 7Taking a break from filming and then stopping production is a given. Not only do they need time to grieve, they also need to grieve Paul Walker's finaleFast and furiousMovies will be the best. After all, this was not only the actor's swan song, but also Dominic Toretto's final screen appearance (From Diesel) right-hand man, Brian O'Conner. With the help of the Walker Brothers and digital effects, the directorWan Zirenable to finish this movie. In addition to the production itself, parts of the productionfast and furious 7A tribute to the character and the late actor was found for a song that would be played at the end of the film, which would later become the lead single on the film's soundtrack. Enter Charlie Puth, who was instrumental in composing the music for "Goodbye."

under et interviewWeekly entertainment, Charlie Puth explains how he and Wiz Khalifa unexpectedly beat "hundreds of records" to land the coveted spot. Puth, who first co-wrote the song with DJ Frank E, talks about their collaboration and how the song's famous piano chords came about: "We were just getting to know each other and he played those chords. I was like, 'What if we just played this on the piano?' Those are the chords in 'See You Again'." Years later, the few notes on the piano still evoke the same sentimentality and Lenovo thisquicklyFranchise. While Puth only wanted to write the song for another artist to sing the chorus, he was eventually asked to continue recording the song in addition to writing it. He saidpeople magazine, "I [recorded the song] as reference vocals for what Sam Smith could sing." On the other hand, Sam Smith had toghostPublished the same yearfast and furious 7.

When Puth and Frank E's composition was selected for the film, Wiz Khalifa was also asked to include the song, but it was not hisFast and furioussoundtrack. He also helped write and perform "We Own It (Fast & Furious)"fast and furious 6.For "See You Again," Khalifa looked at the core message at the heart of the franchise and the "family" mantra. He saidmusic tv news, "I was basically thinking about what the movie was about in terms of family and brotherhood." Of course, Wiz Khalifa's intentions are clear in the song, with the lyrics "How can we not talk about family when all we got is family?" ? ” The song is not just a thematic companion to the film either. Khalifa wanted "See You Again" to grieve and move on, using "the metaphor of the last ride and the last run" in its lyrics.

Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth's effort to put "Goodbye" together was an instant success. but more importantlythe number of records it brokeThis song is a tribute to the late Paul Walker. "See you again" plays to the endfast and furious 7Walker plays montages of Brian O'Connor several times throughout the series. The ending also sees Vin Diesel's Dominique Toretto drive one last time with his former enemy and now found family and brother. "[The song] doesn't make you feel like you've left the funeral," Charlie Puth explained to EW. "It is very uplifting and inspiring. Paul's legacy will live on forever." To be responsible for making a Paul Walker record is amazing," Khalifa also told MTV News.

"Goodbye" is the theme song of the Fast and Furious franchise

Just as Paul Walker's legacy will forever be tied to the song, "See You Again" will be tied to the wholeFast and furiousFranchise. 2020 (before the pandemic and lockdown),F9A concert was organized before the release of the first trailer. Among the many musical guests there are of courseWiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth perform "See You Again"In front of a live audience in Miami, Florida. Several excerpts of Paul Walker were projected on a screen behind them, and many in the audience sang along to the song - many still visibly moved by it, so many years after Walker's death. andF9Marketed as part of the "Fast Saga", the incorporation of "See You Again" into the film's promotions shows how it has grown beyond itsfast and furious 7.It's not just the end credits and a tribute to Paul Walker. "See You Again" is now the franchise's anthem.

This is even more evident in the latest entry in the franchisequick x.During the first fifteen minutes of the film, we catch up with Dominique Toretto and the rest of his Fast family. After a brief flashback with the now "resurrected" Han Han (Sung Kang), Dom browses through various photos of his wifeLetty (Michelle Rodriguez), his sisterMia (Jordana Brewster), and of course his brother-in-law Brian and many others. During this trip down memory lane, an instrumental segment of "Goodbye" plays fittingly - the piano notes that Charlie Puth wrote with great enthusiasm.quick xFilled with images and moments from the franchise's past, espDante Reyes' (Jason Momoa) perspective.But Dom also looks back on all the adventures he and his family have had. So these few instrumental notes on "See You Again" also trigger nostalgia for the show's past history. While Paul Walker's Brian O'Conner is still ingrained in the song, it's also representative of the Fast Saga as a whole.

Like everything else in the franchise, "See You Again" represents the theme of family and how you can't stand on your own. The same goes for the production of the song, where Charlie Puth, DJ Frank E and Wiz Khalifa create a truly sentimental and satisfying swan song for Paul Walker. But they may also have inadvertently writtenFast and furioustheme song. ThoughFranchises aren't necessarily known for their cohesive storytelling, "See You Again" eventually helped bring the franchise together through music.

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