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The rich smell and taste of ground coffee at the time are unbeatable.With a filter coffee maker, you can easily enjoy coffee perfectly prepared at home.Developing for our experts, to obtain the correct combination of water, ground coffee and beer times, so you just need to go to the coffee maker and pour the cup of coffee finished.

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The coffee coffee machine according to your taste

The elegant drip machines and kitchenaid practices are very easy to use and ideals if you want to have ground coffee every day.Using the practical configuration of programmable manufacturing time, select your time cycle and then, then, the favorite beer thickness.Delicious hot coffee cup at any time or at night.

Is coffee dripping the same as the coffee filter?

Both prepare freshly dead coffee in a filter with hot water.Soluble fabrics in ground coffee are loosening and pressing in the jar under the filter.To do this, pour hot water in the coffee filter.Use a coffee machine filter for you with our colorful gold filter.As temperature and time are decisive for flavor, the filter coffee machine is ideal for always obtaining the perfect glass.

Take a look at our filter coffee machines

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The elegant filter coffee machine

Do you want your filter coffee machine to look elegant?Naturally.Kitchenaid drip machines are curves, elegant and in black, dark gray, cream or red empire (for that1.7L-Drip Coffee Machine) and in Onyx white or black (for the1.7L-Drip Coffee Machine Classic) Available.These bright and robust drip machines will attract many admirent looks and can be enjoyed for many years.With two beverage buttons in different places, you can place them forward or on the sides.The fall and the spill of coffee.


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Practical characteristics and functions

Our filter coffee machines are equipped with a variety of intelligent functions to simplify the morning.

This includes a programmable manufacturing time settings so that your coffee is ready at the desired time, or the "pause and pause" function if you do not want to wait until the end of the beer manufacturing process.You can select the thickness of the manufacture manufacture of beer with just a button button and keep the coffee hot with the hot plate.We literally think about everything so you don't have to do it.

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What filter coffee machine?

Filtrokafafafemaschine 1.7L - Classic 5KCM1208 You will seek, 1.7l 5KCM1209
€ 149,00 € 179,00
Beer manufacturing thickness Normal or strong Normal or strong
Core Onyx Black, White Onyx Preto, Dunkellogings, Creme, Empire Red
Design Brühkorbs Standard stainless steel
Jug 1, solving (12 tassels) 1, solving (12 tassels)
Holding the dish Keep coffee for 40 hot minutes Tall the bajas en 10 minutes
24 -hour programming 1 Program 2 programs available
Filter Goldfarbener permanente Goldfarbener permanente

Spiral water output like the barista

Our drip coffee machinesHave a single spiral water that drips with 29 holes.The inspiration for this is the spiral movement of the barista, which turns water so that coffee powder is molded evenly.The coffee dust is evenly saturated by spiral water.To guarantee ideal extraction.The beer manufacturing process has been through a whole glass of whole glass.

Take a look at the filter coffee machines

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The art of coffee cuisine

Preparing a coffee according to your taste is one of the small satisfactory joys for a better day.Given the filter coffee machines they help it with perfect coffee.

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For finely balanced coffee, you need exactly the correct combination of water, ground coffee beans and fermentation time, so that it is not too weak or too strong.

To help you make perfect coffee, you will find a practical dose and level marks screen in our colorful gold filter, as well as in the water tank.This means the same results and there are no more riddle rates.

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Drink a sip.How is your coffee?The permanent filter in our filter coffee machines is reusable and is designed for an ideal filtration.It is durable, save money and replace paper filter bags in the standard size 4. There is even a practical dose screen to ensure exactly the correct amount of ground coffee.

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All are different, so a good selection is important.In addition to selecting your favorite coffee, you can also select the beer thickness (normal or strong).The filter coffee machine adapts the beer thickness to provide exactly the flavor you want..If only everything in life were so reliable.

Fresh filter coffee: whenever I feel that

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Do you need a cup of coffee immediately?Who doesn't know.That is why there is the "pause and pour" function on the filter coffee machine.Beer manufacturing process.It is a cup of cup and then replace the bottle on the plate so that the rest of the coffee is manufactured.Poss!We don't say that.

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on weekends. This is the ideal way to finish its relaxed week.

Keep your coffee deliciously hot

I don't know how to see it, but we like our hot coffee, not warm.The hot dish, its coffee maintains the perfect temperature up to 40 minutes after the preparation of the preparation.It is not a problem.

A lot of coffee for all tastes

If you love your coffee, the crowd touches a paper machine with a small capacity, it can be quite annoying that coffee always comes out so fast.

Thanks to the capacity of our 1.7L filter coffee machines, you can prepare coffee up to 12 tastas.Perfect for an entire family of coffee drinkers or when you have friends to visit.

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Cleaning your coffee machine is very easy

A cup of coffee consists of almost 99% water and water, contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium that cross the coffee machine and leave files files.

Therefore, if you use your machine frequently, you must also clean regularly.Gracia to the intelligent cleaning program of our coffee machines, you don't have to worry about it.Press the button and finish.Now you can sit down.

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Interesting data on coffee beans

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There is a wide variety of flavors and strengths worldwide, which can be well prepared with a filter coffee machine.With the longest fermentation time compared to Express Café.E, regardless of whether it buys ground or grinding at home, choose an average grinding degree.

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The Arab grains are, with much, the most popular coffee beans and are the most suitable for coffee and express filter coffee. These beans are known for their soft and soft flavor with a touch of chocolate, caramel, nuts, fruitsand berries.Coffee lovers say that coffee is the best drunk of Arab beans (or small milk).

The advantages of the car -sucata

It is known that the smell of ground coffee at that time is irresistible.But this is not the only advantage of grinding grains:

  • You can select the exact degree of grinding for the brewart you have chosen
  • Fresh coffee beans are full of antioxidants
  • You can try small changes in the degree of grinding and, therefore, influence the taste of your coffee.

With its 70 degrees of rectified selected, our coffee grinder offers the necessary precision for the perfect coffee cup.

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Good news for coffee lovers filter

Your daily cup can be healthy for you.Ground coffee is full of antioxidants that are beneficial to health and reduce the risk of certain diseases.

Coffee is also known by improving certain aspects of brain function, including memory, mood, attention and energy levels.But pay attention to caffeine content, because everything must enjoy moderation.

Buy Phiner coffee

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Do you like express coffee?

Espresso is loved by strength and is thicker and more intense than other types of coffee.Express coffee is served in a single or double portion or used for a variety of delicious drinks, for example, for Caffè Latte, Cappuccino or Macchiato Latte.

Buy Express Coffee Machine

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Enjoy a wonderful breakfast

Let yourself inspire

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