Fun card games to play with a standard deck (2023)

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Fun card games to play with a standard deck (1)

Card games are a great pastime and one of the most accessible multiplayer gaming experiences out there. To play the vast majority of card games, a standard Anglo-American deck of 52 cards is sufficient.

As a former colony of Great Britain, the United States has inherited many cultural patterns and conventions from its Anglo-Saxon roots. The Anglo-American style of playing cards became the worldwide standard, with only regional or proprietary games using alternate decks.

There are 52 cards numbered Ace(1)-10 along with a Jack, a Queen and a King. Each of these cards has 4 copies, all in a different "suit" or symbol (♥♦♣♠). Below is a list of card games that use this standard card pattern.

The most popular card games with a standard deck

The world of card games is diverse, with many games even having regional variations that further differentiate the genre. However, there are some extremely popular card games that stand the test of time and are played all over the world.


The classic single-player card game that's been available on every PC with Microsoft software since the 1990s. Popular for a reasonLonelyit can be played by anyone with a deck of cards and a flat surface.

Players attempt to form "tableaus", complete sequences of cards in descending order of their "rank", the number associated with the card. Not every solitaire game is mathematically winnable. However, as the game is only played solo, losing a solitaire game can hardly be considered a real loss. Just shuffle the deck and keep playing!


A game of tricks, primarily for four players. Cheat games are popular for their interesting gameplay mechanics that allow for depth of strategy. In a trick game, each player plays one card at a time, comparing their cards trick by trick. This is an incentive to keep your best cards until the end if possible.

heartsuses a low-scoring win system where hearts and queen of spades are worth 1 point and 13 points respectively. While there are versions for two and three players, Hearts is best played with a full table of four.

eight crazy

eight crazyit's a popular decal game all over the world even if people don't know about it. Crazy Eights is the game upon which the popular proprietary game Uno is based. Crazy Eights contains essentially the same "power cards" as Uno, changing the turn order and forcing players to draw 2 or even 4 cards from the deck.

Regional variations include power cards with additional rules, although 8s are almost always considered the game's wildcards. In games like Crazy Eights, a player wins when he completely empties his hand of cards.


Binokelit's more popular with older people, but it's a fun game that can bridge the generation gap! Pinochle uses two 52-card decks and removes all but the 9s, 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces from both decks. All four suits for both copies of these cards must be included, forming a binocular deck of 48 cards.

Like Hearts, Pinochle is a game best suited for four players. Pinochle is a fusion game similar to the rummy game genre. In a combination game, players typically try to fold their hands and make combinations or special combinations of cards that are worth a certain number of points.

Fun card games to play with a standard deck (2)

Play simple card games for fun

go fishing

One of the easiest games a person can learn, but still a fun experience with enough mechanical depth to offer some strategy. Suitable for children and seniorsgo fishingis a fun game that can be played with one or more people.

Go Fish is a matching game in which players take turns asking another player if he has any of the requested cards. If a player does this, he must give one of his copies of that card to the other player. If a player has a pair of matching cards, he may discard or "discard" them from his deck. Players must discard cards when asked to do so, and a player who lies can face severe penalties.


While not technically a game in the strict sense, there is an opportunity to add additional rules to a game.Krieg. In the base game of War, there is virtually no strategy that can be employed by any particular player. Instead, victory in a wargame is determined solely by drawing cards at the start of the game.

However, War is still an extremely simple and fun game that can be used to introduce beginners to tabletop game (TTG) basics such as:

egyptian rat screw

egyptian rat screwIt's an interesting mix betweenspeedand trick games. Each player takes turns placing cards in the center of the play area until a face card (J, Q, K, Ace) is played. The next player must then play an ace to continue playing, or the first player to play a face card wins all the cards in the pot and increases his score.

However, under certain conditions, players can hit the pot with their hands. The first player to slap the pot when the slap rule is in effect wins the entire pot, regardless of whether it's their turn. Egyptian Rat Screw is easy to play, yet extremely fun and exciting game, perfect for a weekend game with friends.

To harvest

To harvestis the fun version of the Musical Chairs card game! The game is very simple: players are dealt four cards and spoons are arranged in a circle in the center of the table. At the start of the game there should be one less spoon than players.

The dealer then draws a card and discards a card to the person on his left. That player then discards a card to the next player to their left, and so on. This continues until a player has four of a kind in hand. The first player to do so gets a spoon. Once the player has taken their spoon, each player can take a spoon from the middle. The last one without a spoon leaves the game and a new round begins, taking a spoon from the pile.

Classic and old card games


Euchreis a trick game that uses a modified version of the 52-card Anglo-American deck. As in Pinochle, the Euchre deck consists of the 9 rank Ace cards, with a trump determined based on the first card drawn from the remaining deck after each player has been dealt at least 3 cards. Euchre is over 200 years old, with the first written mention of the game dating back to 1810.

cards game

cards gameis the traditional card game of England, with many different decks borrowing the mechanics and gameplay of cribbage. Cribbage originally dates back to at least the 17th centuryºCentury and is therefore more than 400 years old. Cribbage itself is based on another game available on the site, Noddy. Cribbage is a combination or "fusion game" and many of the combinations in cribbage are likely to be familiar even to casual card game players, such as: B. the flush.


twenty-oneis one of the most popular casino games in the world, found in virtually every casino on the planet. Blackjack is popular for its relatively fair gameplay, where advantage players (card counters) can actually gain an advantage over the house odds. Relatively equal odds in a game of chance are good as they give players a greater chance of winning money over the course of many games.

Blackjack is the traditional house (casino) game, and for good reason. Its fast pace and simple rules make it a good way to make money quickly if you know what you're doing.


The mainstay of the American Old West, poker is the classic card game known for its incredible blend of strategic betting and luck-based draws. The matching game most people are familiar with,pokeruses the 52-card deck, with each player trying to form a combination according to the rules. Flushes, straights, full houses and so on.

Poker is one of the most popular gambling games along with blackjack. Five-Card Stud and Texas Hold'em are the two most popular variants of this classic card game.


whistis a classic card trick game that uses a partnership system. Whist's descendants borrowed from this system, making it widely used in many modern cheating games. Whist also implements another popular rule in many trick games, namely that trumps can only be played after trumps have been "broken", so to speak. Whist is one of the classic examples of strategic card games. The rules may be simple, but the game's skill cap is quite high.

Selection of our favorites


One of the most popular card games of all time, producing so many variations that an entire genre known as "rummy games" exists.Natais a discard and meld style where players reduce the number of cards in their hand as much as possible. Cards remaining unmelted at the end of a round are counted as "deadwood" against the player who owns them, or the points are added to the player's total. Lowest score wins in this game. In many rummy games, it is possible to place a single card on top of another player's meld, as long as it is a valid component of that meld.

The road

The roadis a matching game, similar to rummy. In fact, Canasta is a member of the rummy family, a variation of a variation of the original rummy. Canasta uses the partnership system found in many trick games, with players forming teams of two in four-player games.

Canasta differs from traditional rummy in two ways. First, it does not allow betting on combinations that have already been placed on the table. Second, Canasta includes special combinations that differ from the original rummy combinations, although these remain in play as well. Canastas, namesake of the game, are combinations of 7 cards.

six card golf

No tacos required!gulf of cardsis an interesting game where 6 cards are dealt face down in front of each player. These cards are numbered 1 through 6 from left to right and top to bottom. After these cards are placed, players take turns drawing cards. If they are dealt a card that matches the number on that card, players can replace the face-down card. If this card matches another numbered card owned by the player, he can replace this card. If this is not possible, players simply play the card face up in the discard pile.

Sixty-six (sixty-six)

A trick game with very interesting rules, considered by some to be the best game of its kind. Sixty-Six is ​​a difficult game to understand, partly because of its German game jargon and partly because of its rather complex ruleset. However, if a player is willing to learn how to play sixty-six, then he can learn a lot by playing such an interesting game.

Another interesting aspect of Sixty-Six is ​​that it is an Ace Ten game. This means that aces are, as usual, the highest ranked card in the game. However, the king does not come second. Instead, ten is the second most valuable card in sixty-six.


Noddy, one of England's oldest card games, is the forerunner of cribbage. Noddy is the oldest known game to use a Cribbage-like ruleset, making it likely the common ancestor of all Cribbage-like games. Instead of using a board to track a player's crib, tokens were used.

Noddy can be played as a two-player game, like Cribbage, or as a four-player game with two partnerships formed between the players. noddy is literallyoCool old game, a piece of history revived every time it's played. A Noddy game connects us with the people of the past, if only during gameplay.


Good card games of all types are exciting to play. It doesn't matter if you play a transfer game, a comparison game or a bench game. Tabletop games offer a tactile experience that simply doesn't exist in the digital landscape. There's something special about feeling the cards between your fingers. This guide just scratches the surface of the number of free games available to Browse the rules pages for these games or search for other games available on the site!

common questions

What is the most popular card game?

It depends on where you are at the moment. In a familiar environment at home, the most common games can be card gameshearts,Fri, E1. However, when using your PC, Solitaire can be considered the most played card game, as anyone using Microsoft Windows as their operating system has access to Solitaire by default.

What is an easy-to-learn deck?

Go fishing, war and harvestare some of the easiest games for a person to learn and play for the first time.

War is the easiest, but it also gives players the least room to maneuver to actually achieve their own victory.

Go Fish and Spoons is possibly the best one to teach someone who is already familiar with the concept of the card game, as these games actually have the correct mechanics to learn, whereas War is simply a comparison of higher numbers.

Which card game is the most fun?

While this is a subjective question with no "right" answer, in our opinion the most fun card games are the ones that involve a lot of strategy. Games like Poker, Pinochle and Sixty-Six where there are many different mechanics and ways to gain an advantage over your opponents if you play in a way that maximizes your chances of winning.

What is the most competitive card game?

In general, the most competitive card games are those played for real money. The famous American cowboy Wild Bill Hickok was killed in a poker game. There's almost nothing that excites people more than a game involving money.

What are some cool card games with a 52-card deck?

Most of the game repertoire offered at Cool Old Games is played with a 52-card deck. Browse the site and find dozens of cool card games. Some fun examples to get you started:Tonk, rummy, beggar My neighbor, President.

How many decks of cards are there?

there are almostendless ways to play cards, with new methods being discovered and popularized almost weekly. With enough imagination, you can also come up with your own rules.

When were card games invented?

The first maps were found around the Tang Dynasty of China9ºcentury. Poker cards were first used in the 15th centuryºcentury in Europe.

Can I play card games online?

Yes, most card games have online simulators that allow players to play anywhere, anytime against any player from around the world. Many prefer this method as it eliminates complicated and confusing setup processes.

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