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Like the endless mycelium network that runs through our planetary ecosystem,magic mushroomNow fully integrated into 21st century culture. Mushrooms - defined by their main psychedelic compounds,psilocybin-Yesnew weed, and consistently taking imperceptible doses (microdosing) is now a common way to dip a toe in psychedelic waters. Meanwhile, the benefits of starting a full-dose mushroom journey are quickly becoming a hot topic among therapists, researchers, and laypeople alike as anecdotal and scientific evidence emerges that psilocybin can providedepressed, anxiety and trauma.


Actually as a journalist and co-founder of a psychedelic magazinedouble blindI have been reporting on psilocybin for over five years and experimenting with it for an even longer period using my own first-hand experience. I interviewed scientists, researchers, therapists, policy experts, lawyers, and shamans about the history of magic mushrooms, how to use them safely, and what the potential benefits and risks are.

So as we move further into a future where psilocybin gum will likely become a staple on health food store shelves, we decided to write the definitive guide to what magic mushrooms are, how they affect us, and the best way to prepare them for. onemysterious psychedelic experience.

What are magic mushrooms?


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There are thousands of mushroom species out there - poisonous and precious, medicinal and miraculous. The mushrooms with psychedelic properties are often called magic mushrooms or mushrooms and often contain the hallucinogenic substance psilocybin. There are more than 180 species of magic mushrooms, of which at least 60 are found inPsilocybebelongs to. Other types of psychedelic mushrooms includetunaandmaltose(E.g. ergot, the type of mushroom that synthesizes LSD - but that's another story). Each variety is different in strength and effect; one gram can cause a very different trip than the same amount of another.


Where did it come from?

From Mesoamerica to Siberia, magic mushrooms have been used sacramentally and medicinally in cultures around the world,centuries if not millennia.The Nahuatl language used by the Aztecs referred to these mushrooms asteonanacatl, which means "the flesh of the gods".

In terms of modern history, Oaxacanhealer(or female pharmacist)Maria SabinaCredited with introducing magic mushrooms to the West, although that was not her intention. In 1955, she allowed amateur mycologist R. Gordon Wasson to participate in a sacred healing ceremony, which he later wrote in a seminal essaytimemagazine that sparked a pilgrimage of scientists, philosophers and pleasure seekers in search of similar experiences. Recent scholarship on the subject has left a devastating legacy of this moment: "From an Indigenous perspective, psilocybin research and drug development tells a story of extraction, cultural appropriation, bioprospecting, and colonization," read one reader.Research articles.

By 1971, the nascent field of American psychedelic research was considered to have gone too far. ChairmanRichard Nixons "War on Drugs"These include banning psilocybin by placing it on Schedule 1 of the US Controlled Substances Act, along with heroin, marijuana and LSD. Only in the last decade has research been revived. Psilocybin is now being used in studies at institutions such as Johns Hopkins University and New York University, where scientists are studying its role inLSD-assisted psychotherapyIt is used to treat depression, dying anxiety (in terminally ill patients), eating disorders, addiction and other conditions. Meanwhile, jurisdictions across the country, such as Denver, Oakland and others, are succeedingLegalization of psilocybin.

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How do you actually take magic mushrooms?

A standard dose of psilocybin is about 3.5 grams, commonly known as an "eighth" (one ounce). That said, it only takes half a gram to feel the psychoactive effects of psilocybin. ONEstandard microdosing- meant to bewhensub-perceivables - about a quarter of a gram, while standard bolus doses - better known as "hero doses" - start at about 5 grams. Some beginners like to start with a dose between microdosing and a gram to get a psychedelic experience, while others choose to go straight to high doses to really understand what it means to trip.

Do you just eat them?

Psilocybin can be consumed in many ways, but basically: yes. If you're talking about organic matter—that is, dried mushrooms—people can usually eat them whole or grind them up and brew them into tea. Some people swear by soaking them in lemon juice to increase their potency (called "lemon tekking"), but there is little scientific support for this. If you plan to microdose pills, the mushrooms can be ground into a powder and put into capsules. There are also many boutique sponge companies that make them into artisanal chocolates, fudge and other types of treats.


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What about all this "set and set" stuff?

Attitude and setting refer to a person's mental/emotional state during the journey, as well as the surrounding context and circumstances. There is no "right way" to cook mushrooms, but there are best practices. You can do these things casually at a concert or camping trip, in a spiritual ceremony or in a more clinical way, usually lying on your back the whole time, wearing an eye mask, headphones (designed for the experience music) and there are hands that do not trip .

If you are new to magic mushrooms, a guide or "traveling sitter" (whether a professional underground healer or a close, trusted friend) is a good idea. That way, if you get stuck on the road, they can help you land again, remind you to breathe, and reassure you that everything is okay. It's also helpful to set an intention: Do you want to learn something about yourself, or do you need to see a dilemma from a new perspective? Don't expect a total cure from a mushroom trip, but know that it can teach you things you can incorporate into your daily life that can help you grow and change your habits.

A word of caution: If you suffer from a mental illness (or if you have family members with schizophrenia), consider consulting a therapist before you travel. Psychedelics can trigger or worsen mental health problems, especially in young people in their early 20s who may not have shown up for some mental illnesses.


How long will the trip be and what will happen?

A typical mushroom trip can last anywhere from four to eight hours, depending on one's tolerance, size, metabolism, method of consumption and scene and environment. It takes about 45 minutes for the effects to start, and the peak usually occurs about two to three hours into the trip.

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what is happening? Each trip is very different. During the experience, you may experience a range of emotions, in waves or even simultaneously. Stumbling can be blissful or terrifying, euphoric or paranoid, energetic or peaceful. I remember one trip where I experienced all of the above at various times over the course of six hours. It is important to remember - through ups and downs - that you are taking the "drug" and its effects will wear off. So don't worry if it's uncomfortable, it won't last forever.

Visual and auditory hallucinations are normal, so don't panic if you start seeing colorful patterns or hearing echoes. Different bodily sensations (heaviness, lightness, tingling and especially nausea at the start of the trip) can also be experienced. Some have even experienced so-called "self-death"—a process of reduced activity in the brain's default mode network. During this time, you can feel an incredible sense of empathy and a deep connection to nature or the universe. I want to emphasize again the value of a guidebook here Rejser Barnepige, because Ego- death can sometimes feel incredibly disorienting and shocking.


The most critical things about traveling are overcoming your fears, surrendering to the experience, and welcoming whatever comes up as an opportunity to grow, learn, and heal. Some guides describe this as "leaving the fabric"; in other words, don't try to control the experience and let the mushrooms take you where they want to go.

Are magic mushrooms addictive?

Let's put it to rest: no.Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion"Especially in high doses, you don't want to. The last thing you want to do is get into another big experience like that." In fact, as Janikian points out, for those who want to use mushrooms to There's even professional psychedelic rehab groups for people quitting addictive substances (from Adderall to cigarettes and everything in between).

Can you finally go out into nature and pick your own magic mushrooms?

Yes, but with extreme caution. It's easy to confuse other poisonous mushrooms with the one you want - so if you're a beginner, consult an expert before eating anything you find in the wild. That said, magic mushrooms can be found all over the world, usually during the rainy season.For more information on foraging, see here.

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